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"Cosmic Purr" featured by ND Humanities Council

My home state gets my Meriwether Lewis poems, bless it.  The North Dakota Humanities Council featured my poem "Meriwether Lewis at the Great Falls" along with a gorgeous painting of the same title by cowboy artiste Charles Fritz:
Captain Meriwether Lewis and the Great Falls
I was the one, the first white man, to shiver
into the wind of it--a rush so grand

"The Cosmic Purr" on KMSU's "Weekly Reader"

I did a radio interview with KMSU's "Weekly Reader" yesterday. Here's a link to the podcast: http://kmsuweeklyreader.libsyn.com/webpage/aaron-poochigian . The show will air tomorrow. I love that the interviewer asked me to read a number my poems for him. "The Cosmic Purr" is rockin' the airwaves--resonance with resonance.

Here are some upcoming readings:

Wednesday, June 6th, for the West Chester Poetry Conference (West Chester, PA)
Friday, June 29th, 7pm at the KGB Bar (NY, NY)

Poochigian Sappho in Ian's Bookpile (Blog)

I took no offense that this British author and blogger claims Poochigian sounds “like a superhero poodle.” And I was proud that someone who is “not normally a poetry guy” would write: “it’s nice to find some poetry I actually quite enjoy. Like I said, we’ve lost a lot of Sappho, and if what we’ve got left of her is any indication, it’s a pretty tragic loss.”
Here's a link to the post I include below: http://iansbookpile.wordpress.com/tag/sappho/

Letter from Richard Wilbur

I received a letter today from Richard Wilbur, the greatest living poet in the English language. I was flattered straight off because he took the time to send one (when I am 93, will I respond to mail?  Will I be alive to respond to mail?).  I was even more flattered that he found my beloved "The Cosmic Purr" "classy and full of life" and took "a non-proprietary delight in the stanzas of 'Kudzu,'" which is, among many things, an homage to his "Thyme flowering among rocks."
Here, my friends, is
Kudzu: An Immigrant's Tale: