"Cosmic Purr" review in OSU's "The Journal"

Here's a review of my "Cosmic Purr" in "The Journal." The reviewer is prize-winning poet and dramatist Matthew Buckly Matthew Buckley Smith:
Formal verse today often looks like the spoils of a hunt for the quirkiest subject matter. All the starchy rhyme and meter complement—it is supposed—the untamed subject like a tuxedo on a stand-up comic. And like the entertainment at an award ceremony, these poems mostly disappoint. By lending their zany tedium a finished sound, the form preserves them, sometimes long enough to get them lodged cozily in anthologies. And such tomes, one gathers, are mostly what they’re written for.
The poems in Aaron Poochigian’s The Cosmic Purr, though playful and formally skillful, are of another kind entirely.
Read more: http://thejournalmag.org/archives/2218